After suffering cardiac arrest at his Los Angeles home on Thursday afternoon, Michael Jackson was pronounced dead at a hospital, marking a bizarre and tragic end to a 50-year life -- 45 years of which were spent as one of the world's most iconic popular entertainers.


邁克爾傑克遜(Michael Jackson)週四下午在洛杉磯家中發生心跳驟停,送往醫院後被宣佈死亡!這位50歲的流行音樂之王怪異而悲劇性的一生也因此劃上了句號!傑克遜在這其中的45年都是世界上最具象徵性的流行音樂人之一。





Mr. Jackson was in the midst of attempting to rehabilitate his career after several years' worth of controversy that saw him essentially stop performing or releasing new music. Even before a criminal trial on child-molestation charges that ended in acquittal in 2005, Mr. Jackson's career was in a holding pattern.




The sidewalks outside UCLA Medical Center were overflowing with people by mid-afternoon on Thursday. Some onlookers burst into tears even before an official announcement of his death had been made.






Others practiced his signature moonwalk and sand Jackson pop songs. A student residence across the street blared Jackson music from a stereo. News helicopters swirled overhead.





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