A 繳罰單:

JimmyI need to pay a fine.(我要繳罰單。)

StaffGive me your ticket .(把您的罰單給我。)

JimmyGosh! Where's my ticket?(糟糕!我的罰單呢?)

StaffSorry. You can't pay it without the ticket.(抱歉。沒有罰單就不能繳喔。)

JimmyOk. I will come tomorrow. Thank you.(好,我明天再來。謝謝。)

StaffYou’re welcome.




JimmyHello, I'd like to pay the electricity bill.(嗨.我要繳電費.

 Staff Give me your bill, please.(請將單據給我)

JimmyHere it is. How much?(共是多少?)

Staff596 NTD in total. (總共596元)

JimmyOk. Here's 600 NT. (這是600元)

StaffOk. Here's your change. (找您的零錢)




JimmyHello, what can I do for you? (有什麼事嗎?)

 StaffI'd like to pay my phone bill.(我要繳電話費)

JimmyWhat's your telephone number?(您的號碼是?)


JimmyYour telephone charge this month is 104 NTD in total.


 StaffHere it is! (這就是了)




Jimmy: Hello, I came to pay my water and gas fees.


Staff: Give me your bills, please.(請給我,你的單據)

Jimmy: Here they are.(這就是了)

Staff: 160 NTD for the water fee, 80 NTD for the gas fee. That's 240 in total.


Jimmy : Here you are.(在這兒!



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