Dear Curious Mother,


Surprising as this may seem in the 21st century, your daughter's strategy is not unusual. Evidence on speed-dating gathered by the economists Michèle Belot and Marco Francesconi shows that women are attracted by rich men, while men focus more on a woman's physical appearance. Lena Edlund, another economist, has found that in the areas of her native Sweden where the wealthiest men live, women of prime marriageable age are over-represented.


儘管在二十一世紀這種情況可能會非常令人吃驚,但你女兒的策略並不罕見。經濟學家米謝勒貝洛(Michèle Belot)和馬爾科弗蘭切斯科尼(Marco Francesconi)收集的有關閃電約會的證據表明,女性受到有錢男性的吸引,而男性更關注女性的容貌。


經濟學家萊娜埃德隆德(Lena Edlund)發現,在其祖國瑞典最富有男士生活的地區,處於最佳適婚年齡的女性比例過高。


However, your daughter is only 15; for Edlund, “prime marriageable age” is 25-44. Your daughter is either going to have to get her hooks into this chap unusually early, or she is going to have to keep him on the boil for another decade – a lot of nail-painting.




Not only is she concentrating her investments into a single asset by abandoning her education, but she may even be making her main goal harder to achieve. Belot and Francesconi discovered that a strong social trend towards “assortative mating” means that although educated, high-achieving men are not interested in marrying a rich woman, they do like educated high-achieving women, rather than shallow girls with shiny nails.




貝洛和弗蘭切斯科尼發現,存在一種強烈的選型交配社交趨勢,儘管受過教育的成功男士對與有 錢 女士結婚不感興趣,但他們確實喜歡受過教育的 成功 女士,而不是指甲閃亮的淺薄女性。


Your daughter should learn to work hard and look good at the same time. Not only will it advance her immediate goals, it will also – sadly – stand her in good stead for the rest of her life.







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